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"TND. It sounds so much better. And hetero."
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happy!dean week → favorite overall happy!dean moment

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Your icon is violently in love with you for 5 weeks how screwed are you

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Anonymous → 1, 3, 4, 14, 22 :)

Hey! Thanks :D

1. Favorite video game?: This changes constantly, usually to the last game I’ve finished. So as of right now, I would say Grand Theft Auto 5
3. A game that holds a special place in your heart?: The Last of Us. I love a lot of game, but this game in particular. It was just something else. It was visually stunning and the story and characters had you captivated from the beginning to end. Naughty Dog and everyone involved truly made a masterpiece with that game.
4. Favorite video game character?: This also changes a lot because there are so many characters that really stick with you. Ellie and Joel from TLoU are really special to me. Trevor and Michael from GTA5 are great. Axel, Sora, Roxas and Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Nathan Drake from Uncharted. John Martson from Red Dead Redemption. Cloud Strife from FFVII. And a ton more. It really just depends on when you ask me!
14. Most memorable gaming moment?: I can’t really think of a specific moment right now. I think the ending of every game I finished are really memorable though. Especially if they were great games and had amazing endings. Let’s talk about MGS 4, shall we? 
22. Video game character you want to/have cosplayed: I’ve cosplayed Axel from Kingdom Hearts 2 and Reno from Final Fantasy VII. I think because they’re really basically the same character. Axel is based on Reno, both sarcastic and funny. Voiced by Quinton Flynn. Blah blah, that was a loooong time ago and were only two of the few cosplays I did. I would love to get back into cosplay. I know I wanted to cosplay Tifa Lockhart for a while, still would. If I was younger or looked younger, Ellie would be awesome. Claire or Jill from Resident Evil. Lulu from FFX (Hell, any FF character female or male). If I could make it and pull it off, I would do it. That’s my thoughts on cosplay lol

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  1. Favorite video game?
  2. First console you owned?
  3. A game that holds a special place in your heart?
  4. Favorite video game character?
  5. Least favorite video game character?
  6. Favorite genre?
  7. Video game character you’ve had a crush on?
  8. First video game you remember playing?
  9. Age you started gaming?
  10. Hardest video game you’ve played?
  11. Video game you’ve spent the most time on?
  12. Most embarrassing gaming moment?
  13. Scariest video game you’ve played?
  14. Most memorable gaming moment?
  15. Video game character you wish you could meet in real life?
  16. PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo?
  17. Gaming company you’re most loyal to?
  18. If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
  19.  Do you use strategy guides?
  20. How often do you use cheats?
  21. Competitive or single player?
  22. Video game character you want to/have cosplayed?
  23. Ever go to a video game convention?
  24. Hardest boss fight you’ve been in?
  25. Video game you wish you could burn from your memory?
  26. Favorite gaming series?
  27. Do you skip tutorials, or find them useful?
  28. Best online gaming experience?
  29. Worst online gaming experience?
  30. Why do you game?

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The Last of Us [FALL] -  Joel

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captain swan in ‘bleeding through’

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cecesaurus-says-rawr → Honest opinion about you: Jamie, Jamie, Jamie... I am so glad that we started talking and getting to know each other because you are so cool and awesome! And it's like even if we don't talk for a few weeks, I like how we can pick up right where we left off. You are just so easy to talk to and you just get things in the world and how it works. You aren't disillusioned about anything, but yet you still seem hopeful which not many people are. So yeah, I love you and you're great! :D <3
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"We’re back to the conversation we were having earlier." (x)

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this is something higher than hd and it’s making me so uncomfortable

what the fuck… this looks like actual depth….

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